This volume presents research on religious movements that were characterised as 'New Religions' at the time when the volume was originally published, i.e. in 1974. Among the groups presented in the volume can be found: Millenarism in India, Maoism, Children of God, the Occult Revival, Jehovah’s Witnesses, revitalised indigenous traditions in North America as well as several Christian revival and countercultural movements.

What is 'new' in these new religious movements? How can the diverse field of emerging religious trends be classified and how, as a consequence, should scholars of religion develop their terminology to better account for the new situation? These, and a number of other theoretical issues, are brought to the fore in the ethnographic accounts of new religions.

The volume is based on papers read at the Symposium on New Religions held at Åbo on 1st-3rd September 1974. Ed. Haralds Biezais. Stockholm : Almqvist & Wiksell, 1975.

Published: 1975-01-01