The theme of the current volume of Scripta is the emerging field of research connected to Post-secular religious practices. Special attention is given to the trend of combining a renewed openness to questions of the spirit with the habit of critical enquiry in relation to health and body practices. A common feature underlined in many of the articles is the inspiration offered by religious and spiritual traditions to work with oneself – body, mind, spirit – as well as with one’s emotions, goals, values and relations. People are today increasingly seeking a non-dualistic understanding of life and what it means to live in health and harmony.

The articles present a great variety of themes connected to the topic, ranging from yoga, meditation and reiki to salutogenic therapies and evangelical fitness movements. Different forms of healing practices are also highlighted, some with roots in historical religious traditions, other based on contemporary spiritual practices and innovative combinations of elements from different religious and cultural contexts.

Published: 2012-01-01