Contemporary Death Practices in the Catholic Latina/o community


  • Candi K. Cann Baylor University


This article is an initial review of the everyday death and bereavement practices of the United States Latina/o community, and is meant to serve as an initial corrective to the traditional studies of American death that present death from a largely Anglo and Protestant perspective.

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Candi K. Cann, Baylor University

Candi K. Cann is Assistant Professor at Baylor University. She received her Ph.D. from Harvard in Comparative Religions and is interested in all things death. Her book Virtual Afterlives: Grieving the Dead in the Twenty-first Century was published in 2014 with the University Press of Kentucky, and examined various forms of memorializing the dead from a comparative perspective. She is currently working on two edited books—one titled Dying to Eat (University Press of Kentucky, 2017), examining the intersection between death and food, and a large thirty-five-chapter collection with Routledge Publishers covering cultural interpretations of death and the afterlife