Muurahaisyhdyskuntien sosiaalinen evoluutio

  • Liselotte Sundström
Avainsanat: muurahaiset, yhdyskunnat


”one special difficulty ... at first appeared insuperable, and actually fatal to my whole theory ... [The] neuters [of social insects] often differ widely in instinct and in structure from both the males and the fertile females, and yet, from being sterile, they cannot propagate their kind ... [And] the climax of the difficulty [is] ... the fact that the neuters of several ants differ, not only from the fertile females and males, but from each other, sometimes to an almost incredible degree ...” (Darwin 1859, The Origin of Species, pp. 236–238.
marras 1, 1997
Sundström, L. (1997). Muurahaisyhdyskuntien sosiaalinen evoluutio. Tieteessä Tapahtuu, 15(8). Noudettu osoitteesta