Katsantoja kaupungin muutokseen

  • Antti Wallin Tampereen yliopisto


This article analyses local views in a situation where the urban planners have major urban infill aspirations for a neighbourhood. By combining literature of planning conflicts and phenomenological approach to place experience, I examine the local orientations toward urban change. Place attachment defines orientation toward change and it can be divided into two ideal categories: 1) perception in the past and 2) perception in the future. These two orientations result into different visions of the future. The first vision experiences future as offering nothing better, and the second experiences past as offering nothing worth preserving. In practice, urban planners need to mediate between these visions. This article contributes to understanding of conflicts between urban planning and local experiences.
joulu 31, 2018
Wallin, A. (2018). Katsantoja kaupungin muutokseen. Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu-Lehti, 56(4), 11-27. Noudettu osoitteesta https://journal.fi/yhdyskuntasuunnittelu/article/view/78162