Korttelimaiset asumisen konseptit

Avaimia alusta- ja jakamistaloudesta sekä verkottumisesta?

  • Inka Lappalainen VTT
  • Maija Federley
Avainsanat: Housing concepts, Servitization, Platform economy, Sharing economy, Organisation


This paper analyses holistic urban housing concepts that combine spatial, social and digital solutions. The analysis is based on qualitative empirical case research, utilizing service-dominant logic approach and recent platform and sharing economy studies in residential context. The research focuses on 1) chosen service concepts to meet the diverse needs of residents, 2) related opportunities of platform and sharing economy, and 3) alternative network models considering life cycle perspective. The results indicate that value creation of housing expands from an apartment to a block providing sustainable base for all local ecosystem actors. While implementation models and applications of platform economy are still emergent, the conceptual frame is proposed for guiding further studies.

touko 28, 2021
Lappalainen, I., & Federley, M. (2021). Korttelimaiset asumisen konseptit: Avaimia alusta- ja jakamistaloudesta sekä verkottumisesta? . Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu, 58(4). https://doi.org/10.33357/ys.98064