Kehollinen toiminta opetuskeskustelun tukena valmistavassa opetuksessa

Bodily action as teacher’s interactional resource in preparatory education


  • Noora Helkiö Aalto-yliopisto


kehollisuus, luokkahuonevuorovaikutus, opetuskeskustelu, valmistava opetus


This article examines bodily action as an interactional resource in instruction preparing for basic education. Using conversation analysis as method, the study seeks to answer two research questions: How does bodily action support and enable participation in the classroom interaction, and how do the teacher and the students use it in IRE/IRF-sequences? The first focus is on how the teacher uses bodily action when asking questions from the students. Secondly, the study focuses on how the teacher verbalizes students’ bodily action into verbal utterances. The writer argues that bodily action can enable participation in the classroom interaction as well as language teaching and language learning. For the teacher it serves as a pedagogical tool and for the student as a means of participation when learning a new language.