Beyond error correction in EFL writing in a Finnish upper secondary classroom: a practical approach


  • Pirjo Pollari Jyväskylän normaalikoulu, Jyvskylän yliopisto
  • Dmitri Leontjev


corrective feedback, peer feedback, formative assessment, L2 classroom, writing


In Finland, teachers have considerable autonomy over their assessment practices. Recent studies suggest that FL/L2 teachers, particularly at the upper secondary school, primarily focus on summative assessment rather than on formative assessment and feedback, which is in contrast with the latest Finnish National Core Curricula. Furthermore, while appreciating teacher feedback, learners do not perceive it as an integral part of assessment. In this paper, we propose formative classroom practices to support the learning process and go beyond error correction in FL/L2 writing. These practices are grounded on our earlier research, and they focus mainly on two themes: fostering learner choice in feedback and error correction methodology and supporting peer feedback with the help of a checklist based on the Matriculation Examination rating scale. Drawing from students’ comments and texts, we will explore learner experiences with these assessment practices and the changes they may bring to the classroom.