Oppimista tukeva arviointi kieltenopetuksessa

Assessment for supporting learning in language teaching


  • Toni Mäkipää Helsingin yliopisto
  • Raili Hilden Helsingin yliopisto
  • Ari Huhta Jyväskylän yliopisto


formatiivinen arviointi, dynaaminen arviointi, arviointiosaaminen


The aim of this special issue is to present current research on assessment that supports language learning. The aim of all assessment is to stimulate learning although this customarily applies to formative and dynamic assessment. By using multifaceted assessment practices, language teachers can support students’ learning in myriad ways. This is also a key aspect of assessment literacy. However, little is known about assessment that supports language learning in the Finnish context. Therefore, this special issue provides an overview of how assessment can be used to enhance language learning in Finland. The publication starts with an introductory article on formative and dynamic assessment.