”Jag musiikki maku go laidasta laitaan” – koodinvaihto yläkoululaisten ruotsin kirjoitelmissa


  • Sinikka Lahtinen


code switches, written L3-Swedish, comprehensive school


This paper explores instances of non-adapted language switches in the written Swedish of Finnish pupils in comprehensive school. The analysis is based on 271 texts produced by 48 pupils during the 8th and 9th grades. Swedish is a L3 for the pupils as they have studied English for four years. The results show that language switches, here called code switches, are surprisingly frequent in texts. In the fi rst text they constitute 2,9 % of the words. Most of the instances consist of English words and phrases but also Finnish and German ones occur. The code switches were not usually fl agged typographically. Most of the words were nouns and proper nouns. A large part of the English words showed a formal resemblance to their Swedish equivalents. Other languages are used as a linguistic resource in the interaction with their teacher who they know will understand.