Kielitietoinen aineenopetus opettajankoulutuksessa


  • Eija Aalto Jyväskylän yliopisto
  • Mirja Tarnanen Jyväskylän yliopisto


oppiainerajat ylittävä kieli, monilukutaito, kielitietoinen opetus, opettajankoulutus, pedagoginen kielitieto


This article discusses language sensitive teacher education across the curriculum. First, we briefly discuss the importance of language sensitive teaching and take a look at studies on linguistically responsive teaching and teacher education. The results of the empirical part are based on data from a questionnaire and an applied task in which student subject teachers (n=221) assessed second language learners’ writing skills and challenges of studying specific school subjects from learner’s proficiency perspective. We also report tentative results on the negotiation of language in a teaching intervention which integrates language and content. Our findings indicate that the student teachers are fairly well aware of their role as a language teacher as well but they mainly focus on the word-level phenomena in their language analysis. Finally, we discuss the challenges of developing teacher education to promote language sensitive teaching and language awareness across the curriculum.