Keskustelunanalyysi ja fokusryhmien diskursiivinen tutkimus


  • Melisa Stevanovic Helsingin yliopisto
  • Elina Weiste Työterveyslaitos


fokusryhmät, keskustelunanalyysi, diskursiivinen tutkimus


We introduce a focus-group approach where we draw on a combination of discursive focus-group research and conversation analysis. We explore how the analysis of focus-group talk may attend equally to the content of the group members’ talk and to the interactional dynamics of that talk. Essentially, we propose that the notions of social praxis and action allow researchers to consider focus-group data as a window to the social world that pre-exists the focus-group encounter. However, this world is accessible to the researcher only through the local organization of action in the encounter, which needs to be taken as the priority of analysis. In eliciting maximally spontaneous and minimally interview-led talk around the research topic, we demonstrate the fruitfulness of using stimulus material in the research encounters. The end part of the paper consists of examples of data analysis, through which we illustrate our approach.