Begripligheten av finskspråkiga gymnasisters svenska uttal: lyssnarvärderingar


  • Henna Heinonen Jyväskylä universitet


begriplighet, uttal, svenska som andraspråk


The aim of this study is to investigate how comprehensible L1 Finnish speakers’ L2 Swedish is considered to be and whether any listener- or speaker-specific background factors relating to the comprehensibility judgements can be found. The research material consists of Swedish read-aloud texts by 21 Finnish-speaking upper secondary school students. Judgements are given by 64 native Swedish-speakers (Finland-Swedish n = 35, Sweden-Swedish n = 29) using a verbalized scale from 1 to 7. The study shows that L2 Swedish, pronounced by L1 Finnish speakers, is on average considered to be comprehensible but the listener has to concentrate closely. Both Finland-Swedish and Sweden-Swedish listeners gave similar ratings. Only two background factors correlated with the comprehensibility ratings: the speaker’s latest school grade in Swedish had a negative correlation, whereas the speaker’s usage of Swedish on his/her spare me correlated positively with the comprehensibility ratings.