Luokkahuonevuorovaikutusta ja kehollista taidekasvatusta lukion musiikintunnilla


  • Johanna Paalanen Helsingin yliopisto


luokkahuonevuorovaikutus, kehollisuus, musiikkikasvatus


The article examines classroom interaction during a Finnish high school music lesson, using ethnomethodological multimodal conversation analysis as both a theoretical and methodological approach. It explores how artistic action and aesthetic experience become visible in moment-by-moment interaction in a context of everyday school lesson. Embodiment and continuity function as central features in pedagogical process aiming at artistic expression, and emerging both socially and individually. This shows conformity to e.g. John Dewey´s philosophical understanding of aesthetic experience. The analysis demonstrates the multilayeredness of the interaction in school music lesson. In the data extract, student participation in the artistic activity during the lesson is characterized by stylized performances and restrained embodiment. The music teacher orients to these forms of student participation as normal embodied institutional activities, not as students’ resistance towards her artistic or pedagogical activity.