Tutkiva käytäntö tieteidenvälisessä oppimisympäristössä

Tapaustutkimus näyttelijäntaiteen ja suomen opiskelijoiden kielitietoisuuden ja asiantuntijuuden kasvun kokemuksista


  • Johanna Vaattovaara Tampereen yliopisto
  • Tiina Syrjä Tampereen yliopisto


kielitietoisuus, tutkiva käytäntö, sosiolingvistiikka, monialaisuus


This article deals with professional growth and language awareness of an interdisciplinary learning environment designed for and with BA students of Theatre arts (n=12) and MA students of Finnish language (n=19). Research was set out to investigate the language regard of the course participants following principles of Exploratory Practice, which positions learners as co-researchers. Autoethnographic-like diary writing was used as a means for individual ‘puzzling’ (Hanks 2017, 2019) throughout the course.  Based on qualitative content analysis of the participants’ diary data, the article presents a case study on the professional growths as reflected on by the participants during the course. The analysis reveals that the puzzling-based cross-disciplinary course offered as a fruitful learning environment from the point of view of recognition, deepening and widening of one’s expertise in terms of but also beyond language awareness. The initial findings of the study encourage to challenge the layperson-professional dichotomy often present in Folk linguistic research settings.