Tekniikan asiantuntijat jäsentämässä työpaikan saksalais-suomalaista viestintää

Technology specialists making sense of German-Finnish communication in the workplace


  • Maarit Leskelä Oulun yliopisto


saksalais-suomalainen liikeviestintä, neksusanalyysi


German-Finnish business communication has been researched widely, but there is still a demand for approaches that consider the features of social action not only in situ but also in terms of their wider dimensions. Following nexus analysis, this study examines how two key actors in the field of technology make sense of German-Finnish communicative practices among IT professionals. Thematic analysis and situational maps were used in exploring the data. The analysis also encompassed the interaction orders, historical bodies and discourses in place as aspects of social action. The interviewees’ accounts revealed the positioning of participants and key events bringing about change in the work community. The findings suggest that meaningful aspects of German-Finnish business communication as portrayed by the interviewees include opportunities for agency, prioritizing of face-to-face communication, and the structured flow of action in the workplace. The study provides implications for developing German-Finnish communication in professional communities.