Dynaaminen käyttöpohjainen lähestymistapa kielenoppimisen tutkimukseen

Dynamic usage-based approach on language learning research


  • Sirkku Lesonen Jyväskylän yliopisto


dynaamiset systeemit, käyttöpohjainen kielenoppiminen, konstruktio, suomi toisena kielenä


The paper presents a relatively new theoretical framework in the field of applied linguistics, more specifically, in the context of second language acquisition. Dynamic usage-based approach is a combination of complex dynamic systems theory and usage-based approaches, and it sees language development as an individual, dynamic process. In this view, L2 constructions are seen to emerge non-linearly when an L2 learner uses the L2 for the purposes of interaction. This paper focuses on some key aspects of the development of L2 learners’ repertoire, namely individual learning trajectories, non-linear development, variability, and dynamics of L2 constructions.