Aitoa dialogia asiantuntijatyöhön: kielen tuotteistamisen uudet mekanismit vuorovaikutuskoulutusta markkinoivissa kurssikuvauksissa


  • Riikka Nissi
  • Suvi Honkanen


vuorovaikutuksen tuotteistaminen, henkilöstökoulutus, kurssikuvaukset, tieto- ja asiantuntijatyö


This article examines the way in which interaction is commodified on websites advertising professional training. It demonstrates how interaction is conceptualized in the training course advertisements and constructed as a  sellable entity that will profit the potential client organization. The results show that the course advertisements associate interaction with the challenges caused by the multitude of perspectives and behavioral patterns present in any organization. In this way, interaction is conceptualized as a problem to be solved in order for the organization to reach its full potential. As a solution, the course advertisements further promise to enhance the participants' ability to join in a 'genuine dialogue' with their interlocutors, as well as the organizations' ability to utilize the shareability made possible by such encounters. The article discusses the interdiscursive nature of these commodification practices and reflects how they are intertwined with the problematics of joint knowledge construction in  knowledge and specialist work.