Lukiolaisten ja opettajaopiskelijoiden tietoisuus englannin kieliopista ja sen pedagogiikasta – vertailussa Suomi ja Saksa


  • Esa Martti Penttinen
  • Jens Behning


kielellinen tietoisuus, pedagoginen tietoisuus, intuitiivinen tieto, kieliopillinen tieto


The purpose of our mixed methods study is to examine general upper secondary school EFL learners’ and their student teachers’ knowledge of English grammar and its pedagogy in Finland and in Germany. Data was collected from Finland and Germany. The data consist of first year upper secondary school EFL students’ (n=119 from Finland, n=73 from Germany) and student teachers’ (n=52 from Finland, n=46 from Germany) responses to two survey questions. The results show that the subjects’ awareness of English grammar and its pedagogy was mainly based on intuitive knowledge. It was difficult for both EFL learners and student teachers to build an understanding that would increase their awareness of English grammar and its pedagogy.