”Unelmieni oppitunti” englannin kielen opettajakoulutettavien visualisoimana


  • Katja Mäntylä Jyväskylän yliopisto
  • Paula Kalaja


motivaatio, visio, opettajakoulutettavat, englanti


This study views the motivation of future teachers from quite a novel perspective: in terms of vision or envisioning. The study was carried out with student teachers of English (n=31) enrolled on a MA degree programme at a university in Finland. They were asked to envision an English class of their dreams after graduating as qualified teachers. The students produced a picture and were asked to comment on it briefly and provide some further details concerning the class. The task was carried out as part of one of the first professionally oriented courses in the students’ university studies. The pictures complemented with commentaries, or pools of multimodal data, were subjected to qualitative data-driven content analysis to establish possible variation in the environments where the teaching/learning of English was envisioned to take place in the future, and the equipment and materials at hand for the teaching/learning of the language there, and furthermore, what these would make possible to teach/learn in the class and how. Findings will be reported and discussed from the perspective of teacher education.