Kieli-ideologiat kierrätyksessä: tapaustutkimus "lässytys"-uutisesta ja sen kommenttiketjusta


  • Johanna Vaattovaara
  • Saila Poutiainen


kieli-ideologiat, sosiaalinen indeksisyys, media, tiedeviestintä


This article presents a case study of an online discussion and of a dialogue between science and media. The analysis focuses on social meanings associated with the style and related linguistic variables that emerged in an online discussion as a reaction to a piece of news. It was (re)published in Ilta-Sanomat tabloid newspaper with a provocative title: Uusi ilmiö – nuorista naisista tuli ”narisevia lässyttäjiä” (A new phenomenon – young women have become ”creaky slobbers”). In addition to social meanings evoked by the discussion on this particular style, the analysis portrays more general constructions of language and communication ideologies that are present in the online discussion data and exist in relation to the original news text. In conclusion, the online discussion, which seems to imply and even recreate gender inequality, provides limited yet fruitful data on language ideologies, language awareness, and cultural beliefs about speaking.