Opetuksen ja oppimisen digiloikka kieltenopiskelijoiden silmin

  • Anne Huhtala Helsingin yliopisto


This article focuses on how university language students reflect on digitalisation and their own digital skills, and what kinds of benefits and risks they see in the increasing use of digital technology in teaching and learning. The data used for this study are of two kinds: 25 students filled in a questionnaire consisting of open questions about digitalisation, and 10 students wrote an essay where they reflected on the role of digital technology in their lives. The data were analysed by using qualitative content analysis. According to the results, university students experience their digital skills as good, and rely on their ability to learn new skills when needed. They describe the role of ICT in their lives as important, but seem to use digital technology with deliberation. They see several benefits in the use of new technologies, e.g., versatility, but also many risks, including problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

Avainsanat: yliopisto-opiskelijat, kieltenopiskelijat, digiloikka, opetus ja oppiminen
Huhtala, A. (2018). Opetuksen ja oppimisen digiloikka kieltenopiskelijoiden silmin. AFinLAn Vuosikirja, 75(1), 61-76. https://doi.org/10.30661/afinlavk.69213