Verb-Framed Motion Events in Uralic (with special attention to Mari)




Uralic languages have been described as “satellite-framed” in general linguistic publications, meaning that the path of a motion event is typically not expressed by the verb of motion, but by an independent element – a particle, an affix, etc. – that accompanies the verb or verbal stem. While this assertion holds true for the critical mass of Uralic languages, it seems to be too broad – especially with respect to languages influenced by “verb-framed” Turkic languages, in which the verb of motion typically denotes the path. This paper aims to give a comprehensive overview of the expression of motion events in Mari, the presumably most heavily verb-framed extant Uralic language, and a brief overview of verb-framed motion events in other Uralic languages.




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Bradley, Jeremy. 2016. “Verb-Framed Motion Events in Uralic (with Special Attention to Mari)”. Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen 2016 (63):126–152.