Information For Readers

Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen is an international peer-reviewed journal that has been published since 1901. It was originally founded to to fill in a gap in the discourse between Finno-Ugrists and Indo-Europeists. FUF publishes articles on Uralic (Finno-Ugric) languages and peoples, as well book reviews and discussion, in German and English. 

From 2019 on, FUF is an open-access journal, and from 2020, the journal will be published annually. The volumes 1–29 can be accessed at the Fenno-Ugrica collection of the National Library of Finland, whereas the volumes 30–52 and 61–67 are available The volumes 53–60 can currently be accessed at the Elektra service and will be published on this site in the near future. 

Some of the digitized materials could not be published for online open access since the copyright holders were not reached. If you know how to reach a copyright holder who is holding rights to materials that are missing from this site, please contact