About the Journal

Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen (FUF) is an international peer-reviewed journal. It publishes articles on Uralic (Finno-Ugric) languages and peoples, book reviews and discussions. FUF has been published since 1901, and it was originally founded to fill in a gap in the discourse between Finno-Ugrists and Indo-Europeanists. From 2019 on, FUF is an open-access journal, and from 2020, the journal will be published annually.

Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen welcomes original scholarly contributions on research into the Uralic languages and the culture of the Uralic peoples (ethnology, folkloristics, mythology, archaeology). However, studies focusing narrowly on the three major national languages Estonian, Finnish and Hungarian or their speakers and cultures are usually directed to other forums specialized on these topics.

Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen follows a bilateral anonymous peer review procedure for scientific articles, in which both the writer and the reviewer remain anonymous throughout the review process. Book reviews and overviews in FUF are processed internally by the editors and can be published without a scientific quality evaluation. Suggested research articles for publication shall be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief of FUF (jussi.ylikoski@oulu.fi). Manuscripts must be written in English or German.

Statements on the scientific suitability for publication of manuscripts will be requested from at least two persons invited to review them. The reviewers are researchers who have defended their PhDs, are outside of the group of editors and are neutral with respect to the manuscript under review. The reviewers evaluate the scope of the research data, the researcher's mastery of the theoretical framework, the reliability and accuracy of the research as well as the distinctiveness and novelty value of the research in relation to earlier research (see https://www.tsv.fi/en/services/label-for-peer-reviewed-scholarly-publications/requirements-for-use). Each reviewer presents a statement on the rejection of the suggestion for publication or its acceptance as is, or with the indicated changes.

Based on the statements, the Editor-in-Chief makes the decision on publishing the manuscript. A notification of the acceptance or rejection of the suggestion for publication will be sent to the authors, along with any suggested changes to the manuscript required for publication and the statements of the reviewers.

The main information and documents related to the review process for all manuscripts accepted for review will be archived. For peer reviewed but rejected manuscripts, the authors' names mentioned in the suggestion for publication, the title of the manuscript and the names of the reviewers will be archived. For published manuscripts, the suggestion for publication, the statements sent by the reviewers and the decisions sent by the editors to the authors regarding publication will be stored. The archived information is confidential