Information For Authors

Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen (FUF) is an international peer-reviewed journal. It publishes articles on Finno-Ugrian languages and peoples, book reviews and discussion. The languages of the journal are English and German. FUF has been published since 1901, and it was originally founded to to fill in a gap in the discourse between Finno-Ugrists and Indo-Europeanists.  Nowadays FUF is published every year. If you are interested in publishing in FUF, please follow the recommendations of The Generic Style Rules for Linguistics at

The recommended length of articles is 40 000–80 000 characters (with spaces; including footnotes and the bibliography). If you wish to submit a shorter or longer manuscript, please contact the editor in advance. See also About the Journal and the Author Guideline. Please, register and log in before submission.

From 2019 on, FUF is an open-access journal. Please see the page Green open access for details. If you have questions or concerns about your copyrights, please contact