U.S. Schooling and Health Care Revisited:

Assaying Uses of Gross Domestic Product


  • Arthur Melmed
  • Jean H.P. Paelinck


In an exploratory study of certain aspects
of the troubled U.S. schooling system (Melmed
and Paelinck, 2002,) the authors considered the
relative allocations of gross domestic product
(GDP) for education and health care in the U.S.
and The Netherlands for the year 1999. This
led, in the present paper, to consideration of
the implicit opinions and preferences of policy
makers for the use of GDP for schooling and
health care in the two countries for the two
years, 1985 and 1999, demanding refinement
in the specification of the model employed.
While the calculated results are unsurprising,
firm conclusions based on this original
methodological approach used must await
further probing with available time series data in
the interval 1985 to 1999.