Research on Development Administration and the Challenges of International Development


  • Hossain Farhad


The article addresses in greater depth some
of the central issues of the contemporary
international development discourse. The focus
of my article is the perspective of 'development
administration', a research area in
administrative science'. The central issues
of the article include the conceptual issues
concerning development administration in
administrative science and the challenges
developing countries are facing in: (a.) coping
with modernisation and economic globalisation;
(b.) promoting good governance by ensuring
administrative decentralisation and local
development; and (c.) ensuring the
sustainability of Non-Governmental
Organisations (NGO)-led development
initiatives. The article argues that there exists
very little scientific research, neither conceptual
nor empirical, on development administration in
Finland. Therefore, academic study on issues
related to 'development administration' and
'international development' has vital importance
for the current development discourse in Finland
and abroad.