The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: AI in the higher education


  • Nino Popkhadze Danube University Krems/ Tampere University


AI, Big Data, Learning Analytics, Higher Education, Data-Driven Decisions


Higher education institutions face the Janus dilemma, on the one hand, universities are asked to be more open, transparent, and easily accessible, so they can be better scrutinized by the public. On the other, they need to limit transparency and guard privacy.


The article explores how AI slowly but heavily penetrates the domain of the higher education institutions; it provides various applications of AI in the domain of higher education. This paper argues that AI, big data, and learning analytics can become a powerful tool for advancing higher education institutions further, but at the same time, AI can have a detrimental effect without a vigilant eye. The paper does not aim to minimize the value and virtue of AI, rather problematize the implications and promote conscious decision-making. The article aims to stimulate the discussion among the relevant stakeholders.