”Voi tulla mitä vaan vastaan”: Epävarmuus ja yhteiskehittämistä muokkaavat käytännöt osallistuvassa budjetoinnissa


  • Pauliina Lehtonen


co-creation, participatory budgeting, public participation, uncertainty


Harnessing the unexpectedness in co-creation: How uncertainty shapes the practices of co-creation in participatory budgeting? 

Recently, co-creation has been promoted as a bottom-up approach for fostering democratic processes relating to the knowledge production in governance. Participatory budgeting, which enables citizens to work with professionals or other stakeholders to design and decide how common funds are allocated, is considered as a form of co-creation. Based on empirical data collected in the city of Tampere and in the municipality of Inari, the article scrutinizes participatory budgeting, specifically where the diversity of participants and working cultures of local administrations introduce uncertainty in co-creation. To facilitate co-creation, there is a need to distinguish different practices of co-creation and identify their enabling or restricting elements. The article distinguishes among six practices:1) organizational commitment, 2) identification of actors and initiation of collaborative partnerships, 3) resourcing, 4) leadership, 5) identification of expertise and knowledge,and 6) emotional work.