Miten johtajuutta viestitään? Suomalaiset toimitusjohtajat Twitterissä


  • Sanna Ala-Kortesmaa
  • Laura Paatelainen
  • Pekka Isotalus
  • Johanna Kujala
  • Jari Jussila


Twitter, leader, leadership, strategic communication, social media


How is leadership communicated? Finnish CEOs on Twitter

Twitter offers CEOs the opportunity to communicate with a wide audience. For corporate stakeholders, CEO communication is important because it can affect, for example, the corporate image or the information that company’s stakeholders receive about the company’s vision or values. So far, however, not much is known about the Twitter communication of Finnish CEOs or the leadership that they communicate on Twitter, so this article addresses these aspects through the strategic leadership communication theory (Ki 2015) and Glick’s (2011) CEO roles. The data have been collected over a period of seven months and consists of a total of 132 public references from the CEOs whose companies are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange or the TE500 CEO list. The data were analyzed with qualitative content analysis. The main results show that the Twitter use of Finnish CEOs is interactive yet rather inactive