Artificial Intelligence (AI): Hidden Rules of our Society


  • Mika-Petri Laakkonen Lapin yliopisto


AI explanatory research community has become vital in AI, because explanatory analysis of AI opens up and explains the operating principles of the hidden rules of AI. Explanatory AI community expounds the construction role between human-machine in AI modelling, and breaks the gap in understanding the hidden layers of AI. Instead of Alan Turning’s (1936) well-known problem of decidability (Entscheidungsproblem) the review approaches the AI hidden rules of our society from them knowledge interest (Erkenntnisinteresse) premises coined by German social theorist Jürgen Habermas (1970; 1978). This review illuminates how our contemporary society is constructed with AI models and hidden rules of artificial intelligence. It shall enlighten the Artificial Intelligence (AI) modelling complexity and illustrate AI hidden rules functionality in our society. AI explanatory research community opens field of wider discursion for socio-technological scholars, where aim is to understand AI's role in our society.