Kuntayhtiöiden hallitusten puheenjohtajien poliittinen tausta ja monimuotoisuus



MOC, chair of the board, political background, diversity


The political background and diversity of MOC chairs

Study examines whether the chairs of the board of Finnish municipally owned companies (MOCs) have political backgrounds and what their distribution by gender is. Specifically, the study aims to discover possible differences between the MOCs of the 21 largest Finnish cities (C21) and those owned by the smaller municipalities. By using agency theory, statistical methods, and a dataset of 1012 MOCs and political background of chairs, this study finds support for the hypothesis that the MOCs of C21 cities have less politically connected chairs than the MOCs of the smaller municipalities. 46,6 % have a chair with a political background. While the study discovers the share of female chairs to be rather small (16,7 %), there appears to be no significant difference in diversity between the MOCs of larger and smaller municipalities.