Kunta ja muuttuva osallistuminen

Toiminnallinen tapaustutkimus Vantaan kaupungin osallistumisen kokonaisuuden kehittämisestä

  • Kaisa Kurkela Tampereen yliopisto
Avainsanat: Osallistuminen, osallisuus, kunta, instituutio, toimintatutkimus


This is a case study, carried out with a strategy of action research. This study concerns the organizational model of citizen participation in the city of Vantaa.  The research questions are:  What are the incentives for developing citizen participation in municipalities, and how is the multifarious participation carried out in municipality. The data consists of interviews of key actors (8), documents, diaries, and a workshop diary.

An important incentive for development seems to be regulation concerning participation, the general and local discussion concerning democracy and the experiences from already existing variety of participation activities. When it comes to the process of development good pilots and adequate support and activity are important factors. Structural solutions are needed but at the same time there is an attempt to keep participation as resilience as possible. The results conclude, that development of participation can be observed as an institutional change.

huhti 12, 2021