Lähijohtajien muutosvalmius kuntasektorilla

  • Jenni Kantola Vaasan yliopisto
  • Kirsi Lehto
  • Katja Ekman Vaasan yliopisto
Avainsanat: muutosjohtaminen, muutosvalmius, esimiestyö, kuntaorganisaatio, minäpystyvyys


Recent studies have highlighted the importance of managers’ role in change. Managers are a lynchpin in the success of a change as they stand closest to employees and they are both implementing change but also being affected by change.

In this study, we explore managers´ readiness of change. Readiness of change refers to what employees perceive as the balance between costs and benefits of maintaining a behavior. In practice, it is about psychological willingness to cooperate in bringing the change to fruition.

We interviewed 19 managers in public sector organizations. The findings indicate that strong change readiness of managers requires organizational support, time resources for people management and participative organizational culture. Study highlights the individual experience and interpretation of meaningfulness of change. This can be achieved by communicating the consequences and benefits of change clearly and by engaging managers in change already in the early phase. 


huhti 12, 2021