Verkostojohtajan roolit ja kompetenssit kolmannen sektorin johtajien näkökulmasta

  • Kirsi Lehto Vaasan yliopisto
  • Lotta Pitkänen Vaasan yliopisto
  • Jari Autioniemi Vaasan yliopisto
Avainsanat: network, collaboration, leadership, competencies, third sector


This article studies the competencies and skills
that are seen important for a network leader in
order to achieve trustworthy collaboration, using collaborative leadership theory as a theoretical base. We follow a framework by Agranoff
and McGuire (2001), who grouped network
management behaviors in collaboration into
four categories: activation, framing, mobilization, and synthesizing. The network leaders
have distinctive roles in different phases of collaboration: a visionary motivator, a community
builder, a strategic stimulator, and a fair mediator. The qualitative data was collected through
a survey of network leaders in Finnish social
and healthcare nonprofit organizations.

syys 14, 2020