Tietokulttuurin ulottuvuudet sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon uudistuvissa organisaatioissa – vuorovaikutteisen tiedolla johtamisen haaste

  • Hanna Vakkala Lapin yliopisto
  • Antti Syväjärvi Lapin yliopisto
Avainsanat: information culture, information management, social and health care, reform


This article examines the dimensions of information culture (Choo 2013) in Finnish social and health care. Secondly, we ask how information culture should be developed in the context of reforms. Information culture is defined as interactive, open and value­based activity in organizations, and it can be defined by four dimensions: rule­following, relationship­based, risk­taking and result­oriented. The dimensions are studied based on 223 survey responses from the managers and supervisors in two health care districts. The results show that there is activity in all dimensions, result­oriented gets the slightly highest scores. Result­oriented and relationship­based information cultures are highly valued, but borders and problems in information reliability effect on information usage. Conclusively, supporting information creating and sharing activities and leadership practices are considered important in developing relationship­based and creative information culture in social and health care organizations.

syys 13, 2020