Argumentoiva Delfoi-menetelmä tulevaisuuden johtamisosaamisen tutkimusmenetelmänä

  • Vuokko Pihlainen
  • Tuula Kivinen
  • Johanna Lammintakanen


Argument Delphi as a research method
in Future needed management and
leadership competence
The aim of the study was to describe and evaluate Argument Delphi as a research method for
studying management and leadership competence in a future health care. This article focuses
on the key elements of the Argument Delphi. We
describe the manager’s role, selection of experts,
formulation of future propositions and choices
made regarding one future proposition. In conclusion, Argument Delphi was found useful for
capturing the perspectives of involved experts.
We continue with exploring and discussing the

loka 2, 2020