Kansalaisraati turvallisuudesta

– Turvallisuuden kontingenssit ja deliberaation mahdollisuudet1

  • Harri Raisio
  • Sirpa Virta


Citizens’ Jury on security issues
– Contingencies of security and
possibilities of deliberation
The article examines a Citizens’ Jury implemented as a part of the Pirkka14 emergency
preparedness exercise. We ask whether genuine
deliberation and citizen-originated policy-making is possible on national security issues. Main
research data consists of interviews and official
responses received to the declaration of the
Citizens’ Jury. All 16 jurors were interviewed
and detailed responses of various qualities
were received from nine relevant stakeholders.
Analysis shows that the basic objectives of the
Citizens’ Jury were reached. For example a twoway dialogue with the jurors and the officials
was achieved. However, a closer examination
shows that Citizens’ Jury was incomplete in relation to the critical-normative edge of deliberative democratic theory. In conclusions, we bring
forward some ways of responding to this deficiency in the future Citizens’ Juries and similar
deliberative methods.

loka 2, 2020