Hyvinvoinnin teoriat hyvinvoinnin edistämisessä ja poliittisessa päätöksenteossa


  • Petteri Niemi
  • Antti Rautiainen
  • Sirpa Kannasoja
  • Kaisa Haapakoski
  • Jukka Pellinen
  • Mikko Mäntysaari


Well-being in theory, practice and political
The concept of well-being is vitally important
from many perspectives. We all care about
well-being at the personal level. The concept is
very much used in politics, welfare services and
in social policy. Indisputably, one of the very basic tasks of public administration is to promote
the well-being of the citizens. However, there is
a lot of conceptual confusion in both political
and academic discussions on well-being. For
instance, there is no consensus on how should
it be understood theoretically or measured
in practice. In this article, an interdisciplinary
group of researchers brings clarity to urgent
theoretical and conceptual issues by introducing
the key theories of well-being and by exploring
their consequences for investigation, measurement and public promotion of well-being.