Laaja-alaisen tieto- ja viestintäteknologiaosaamisen tukeminen varhaiskasvatuksessa ja esiopetuksessa


  • Pekka Mertala University of Oulu, Finland


early childhood education, mediakasvatus, technology enhanced learning, teknologiakasvatus, media education, tieto- ja viestintäteknologia, technology education, varhaiskasvatus


This paper presents a transversal model for supporting children’s ICT competence in early childhood education. Besides devices and software, ICT here also refers to cultural and social issues and practices around digital technologies. The model consists of three orientations; technology enhanced teaching and learning, media education, and technology education. Each of the orientations approaches ICT from a different perspective, and the purpose of the model is to support children’s agency in relation to ICT in comprehensive manner. Examples from projects carried out in kindergartens are presented to illustrate how the model can be implemented in practice. Theoretical insights and practical implications in relation to the Finnish national curriculum guidelines for early childhood (2018) and pre-primary education are discussed throughout the paper.