Songs to learn and sing

Understanding the use of singing at Liverpool FC football matches


  • Martin Cloonan Turku Institute for Advanced Studies


Based on over 50 years of the author watching Liverpool FC (LFC) football matches, this article examines the use of songs in and around such matches, locating it within wider debates about the use of song at football matches.

The development of modern media’s relationship to football will be considered in three main areas – the importance of television in the modern age, the availability of songs on the internet and the use of the sound systems to control fan behaviour at matches. The article aims to provide some insights in to one of the most important – but often neglected – aspects of football fandom. It does so by examining the place of Liverpool Football Club (LFC) within the city, football and the media, fandom, singing at football matches and the particular nature of LFC songs. The article concludes by suggesting that it is in the singing of songs that true football fandom is found.

Keywords: singing at football matches, Liverpool FC, popular music, football fandom, Spion Kop

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Cloonan, M. (2024). Songs to learn and sing: Understanding the use of singing at Liverpool FC football matches. Lähikuva – audiovisuaalisen kulttuurin tieteellinen julkaisu, 36(3-4), 109–128.