Viranomaisdatan kaupallisen uudelleenkäytön reunaehdoista


  • Jaakko Seppänen Helsingin kaupunki


julkisuusperiaate, avoin data, kaupallinen uudelleenkäyttö, immateriaalioikeus, tiedonhallinta, tietosuoja


Preconditions for the commercial re-use of public information

The legislation concerning data governance and the re-use of public sector information has been reformed in recent years. The EU open data directive has broadened the scope of legislation concerning the re-use of public information,
and the rules regarding the disclosure of information via technical interfaces have been stipulated more comprehensively in the Finnish data governance legislation. In this article, the legal framework for the commercial re-use of public information are scrutinised and systemised. The article seeks to answer the following: Under which preconditions does an authority have a right, or even a duty, to disclose data to be used in a commercial context, and what other preconditions
should be fulfilled in order to re-use this kind of data?





Seppänen, J. (2023). Viranomaisdatan kaupallisen uudelleenkäytön reunaehdoista. Lakimies, 121(3-4), 512–537. Noudettu osoitteesta