Exploring Interreal Translation


  • Mattia Thibault Tampere University




transmutation, metaverse, virtual reality, extended reality, spatial computing


In this paper, I document my efforts to define “interreal translations”, a diverse series of semiotic operations that involve the translation of objects, spaces, and subjects across media-generated virtual spaces, including virtual and augmented realities. This exploration is grounded in the discussions about different types of translation and interpretation, and especially on intersemiotic translation within translation studies and semiotics. In this paper I advance a possible definition of interreal translations, as well as a mapping of their configurations, which I describe as vertical (between the primary reality and alternative realities) and horizontal (between different alternative realities). These translations play a significant role in our diverse mediascape and require a multidisciplinary approach grounded on Semiotics and Translation Studies. This exploration of interreal translations offers a promising avenue for future research, reflecting the dynamic evolution of the discipline and the growing importance of digital and virtual contexts.


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