CFP: Dis/ability in the medieval Nordic world


A special issue of Mirator

Editors: Anna Katharina Heiniger and Christopher Crocker

The special issue emerges from the interdisciplinary research project Disability before disability (Icel. Fötlun fyrir tíma fötlunar) situated at the Centre for Disability Studies at the University of Iceland, initiated in 2017, and supported by the Icelandic Research fund (Icel. Rannsóknasjóður) Grant of Excellence No 173655-05.

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Vol 19 Nro 1 (2018): Changing Senses of Sacrality: Objects, Beliefs, and Performances from the Medieval to the Early Modern Era

Proceedings of the Conference held in Helsinki, 1–2 December 2016. Eds. Reima
Välimäki and Karolina Kouvola

Julkaistu: 2018-05-18
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