Allosemitism and cosmisation

A fruitful combination?



Ahasverus, Allosemitism, antisemitism, othering, cosmisation, the "Jew"


In this article, we explore the fruitfulness of seeing allosemitism as an aspect of cosmisation. We explore possible tropes such as creating order from chaos, embracing Christian identity and supersessionism, and legitimising the Bible’s truth claims. Drawing from the Swedish press of the period 1770–1900, allosemitism and cosmisation are explored through the lens of three tenacious myths, all of which date back centuries: Blood Libel, the Wandering Jew and Israelite Indians. The ‘Jew’ as the Other is frequent in previous research. The combination of allosemitism and cosmisation gives us another way to explain the Othering of the ‘Jew’: expressions of allosemitism in a world-creating process.




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Carlesson Magalhães, J., & Jansson, F. (2021). Allosemitism and cosmisation: A fruitful combination?. Nordisk judaistik/Scandinavian Jewish Studies, 32(2), 20–35.