Välihuudot eduskunnan täysistuntopöytäkirjoissa vaalikaudella 2007-2011: määrällinen tarkastelu


  • Henrik Manner Valtio-opin oppiaine Turun yliopisto
  • Lasse Winter Valtio-opin oppiaine Turun yliopisto
  • Matti Wiberg Valtio-opin oppiaine Turun yliopisto


By means of explorative data-analysis all interruptions of parliamentary debates to be found in the protocol of the Finnish parliament (N = 11 708) during the electoral period 2007-2011 are studied. 165 known MPs made interventions to 213 MPs. Altogether 24 MPs shouted at least 100 interruptions with the maximum of 943 and 30 MPs received at least 100. Ten most active interrupters made almost half of them. Seniority is one of the most important explanatory variables. Among the 20 most active only two are female. Opposition MPs are more active than government representatives. Representatives of the government parties shout more often to representatives of other government parties. Government and opposition form two camps, which both mainly shout over the government-opposition divide. No clear linear electoral cycle is apparent. The interruptions do typically not get any visible reaction from the representative who has been interrupted. More than half of the noted interruptions oppose the representative who is speaking.


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Manner, H., Winter, L., & Wiberg, M. (2012). Välihuudot eduskunnan täysistuntopöytäkirjoissa vaalikaudella 2007-2011: määrällinen tarkastelu. Politiikka, 54(2). Noudettu osoitteesta https://journal.fi/politiikka/article/view/60161