Studia Celtica Fennica XIV (2017) now available online!


Studia Celtica Fennica

No. XIV 2017


Studia Celtica Fennica XIV



Esipuhe / Editorial


Phillip A. Bernhardt-House

Binding the Wolf, Leashing the Hound: Canid Eschatologies in Irish and Norse Myth


George Broderick

The Last Native Manx Gaelic Speakers. The Final Phase: ‘Full’ or ‘Terminal’ in speech?


John Collis

Celts Ancient and Modern: Recent Controversies in Celtic Studies


Grigory Grigoryev

Bachal Isu: the Symbolism of St. Patrick’s Crosier in Early Medieval Irish Hagiography


Mikhail Kiselev

Some notes on origin of motif of the Ulaid’s false beards in Cáth Áenaig Macha and

Cóir Anmann


Ksenia Kudenko

Tochmarc Moméra as Echtra to the Otherworld


Eugene McKendry

Celtic Languages in Education in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


Kevin Murray

H and the First Recension of the Táin


Joseph Nagy

The Pride of Heroes and the Problems of Readers of Medieval Celtic Literature


Tomás O’Cathasaigh

The Ulster Exiles and Thematic Symmetry in Recension I of Tain Bo Cuailnge


Jouna Pyysalo

A Minor Sound Law for Celtic