• Studia Celtica Fennica XVII 2020–2021
    Vol. 17 (2021)

    Studia Celtica Fennica XVII (2020–2021)



  • Studia Celtica Fennica
    Vol. 16 (2019)

    George Broderick

    Manx Traditional Songs, Rhymes and Chants in the Repertoire of the Last Native Manx Speakers

    Erich Poppe

    Beyond ‘Word-for-Word’: Gruffudd Bola and Robert Gwyn on Translating into Welsh

    Ariana Malthaner

    The Intersection of Literature and Law: The Saga of Fergus mac Léti

    Siarl Ferdinand

    The Promotion of Cornish in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly: Attitudes towards the Language and Recommendations for Policy


    Kirja-arvosteluja — Book reviews

  • Studia Celtica Fennica
    Vol. 15 (2018)

    Tom Sjöblom

    In Memoriam - Anders Ahlqvist

    Alexandra Bergholm

    Immram curaig Maile Duin: Máel Dúinin veneen merimatka

    George Broderick

    Manx Traditional Songs and Song-fragments in the End-phase of Manx Gaelic: From the Clague Music Collection (1890s)

    Kristen Mills
    Glossing the Glosses: The Right Marginal Notes on Glaidomuin and Gudomhuin in TCD MS 1337

    Andrew Newby
    “A Project So Flashy And Bizarre”: Irish Volunteers and the Second Schleswig War

    Anna June Pagé
    Deirdriu and Heroic Biography

    Kirja-arvosteluja — Book reviews

  • Studia Celtica Fennica
    Vol. 14 (2017)

    Esipuhe / Editorial


    Phillip A. Bernhardt-House

    Binding the Wolf, Leashing the Hound: Canid Eschatologies in Irish and Norse Myth


    George Broderick

    The Last Native Manx Gaelic Speakers. The Final Phase: ‘Full’ or ‘Terminal’ in speech?


    John Collis

    Celts Ancient and Modern: Recent Controversies in Celtic Studies


    Grigory Grigoryev

    Bachal Isu: the Symbolism of St. Patrick’s Crosier in Early Medieval Irish Hagiography


    Mikhail Kiselev

    Some notes on origin of motif of the Ulaid’s false beards in Cáth Áenaig Macha and

    Cóir Anmann


    Ksenia Kudenko

    Tochmarc Moméra as Echtra to the Otherworld


    Eugene McKendry

    Celtic Languages in Education in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


    Kevin Murray

    H and the First Recension of the Táin


    Joseph Nagy

    The Pride of Heroes and the Problems of Readers of Medieval Celtic Literature


    Tomás O’Cathasaigh

    The Ulster Exiles and Thematic Symmetry in Recension I of Tain Bo Cuailnge


    Jouna Pyysalo

    A Minor Sound Law for Celtic




  • Vol. 13 (2016)


    This volume of Studia Celtica Fennica is a special issue celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Finnish Society for Celtic Studies. The articles illustrate the variety of celtological research done by Finns or in Finland. It also includes a summary of the history of the society during its first 25 years. This volume will be launched at XV International Symposium of Societas Celtologica Nordica in Helsinki in August 2016.