Studia Celtica Fennica X (2013)


Table of Contents of Studia Celtica Fennica X (2013)

George Broderick: Neologisms in Revived Manx Gaelic

Orit Eshel & Malachy McKenna: A Functional Analysis of Copular Clauses in the Spoken Irish of Co. Donegal

Kicki Ingridsdotter: Motivation for Incest: Clothru and the Battle of Druim Criaich

Esther Le Mair: Why a Single Burst or Multiple Scatterings Can Make All the Difference: the Patterns Underlying the Formation of AI and AII Verbs

Pamela O’Neill: Control of the Means of Production in Early Irish Law

Fangzhe Qiu: Wandering Cows and Obscure Words: a Rimeless Poem from Legal Manuscripts and Beyond

Book Reviews

Alexandra Bergholm: From Shaman to Saint: Interpretative Strategies in the Study of Buile Shuibhne. (Maxim Fomin)

Jacqueline Borsje: The Celtic Evil Eye and Related Mythological Motifs in Medieval Ireland. (Ilona Tuomi)